Screen Printing and Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts and Screen Printing

A line of products formulated especially for the screen print and graphic arts industries. Sprayway’s specialized adhesives are perfect for a variety of textile applications, and our cleaners, degreasers and lubricants keep equipment in top shape and working order.

Industrial Heavy Duty Orange Power Plus
• Heavy-duty, non-chlorinated degreaser contains d-Limonene for extra-strength cleaning
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Glass Cleaner Wipes
• Get the power of Sprayway Glass Cleaner in a convenient wipe
Product Number: 
Silicone Spray
• Dries fast with no greasy or oily film residue
Product Number: 
Silicone Spray & Release Agent
• Colorless, non-staining formula is NSF certified
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Ink Anti-Skin, Long-Term
• Works on all types of inks to prevent skinning on rollers, in fountains and in cans
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Anti-Static Spray
• Eliminates static shock and static cling on a variety of surfaces
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Industrial Strength Cleaner Wipes
• Ideal for use on the shop floor. Powerful cleaning formula removes most paints, ink, grease and dirt
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Crazy Clean Wipes
• Industrial-strength, citrus scented towels make easy work of hard surface and hand cleaning
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L2 Moisture Displacer Deep Penetrant
• Heavy-duty formula with 45,000 volt dielectric strength
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L3 Moly PTFE Lubricant Protectant
• Penetrates deep to provide long-lasting lubrication & protection
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